Do it Yourself Or let Others Do it for You

Do it Yourself Or let Others Do it for You

Do it Yourself Or let Others Do it for You

Posted on November 21st, 2022

Sometimes we wonder ourselves why pay a professional to do the job when we can save money doing it ourselves? This happens with some plumbing jobs, small electrical connections like your cooker, painting the house, fixing cars and even designing websites. We learn about how to do it online in a tutorial, video or blog and we say to ourselves “I will save a lot of money with what I’ve just learnt”.

But what really happens at the end? In some of the cases we end up calling professionals even though these professionals are our own friends.

This happens when people believe that they can learn anything and suddenly become a professional. Of course you can learn how to fix things online through videos etc. but lets be honest when a problem occurs we do not know how to fix it and we need help.

Time saves you money

Having time to learn and do things ourselves save us money. Once we learn it’s ‘easy peasy’ but we need to dedicate time to it; which sometimes is inexistent in our daily lives and especially if you are self-employed, running a business, single parent or having dependent people to taking care of.

If you aren’t one of those with that time to dedicate to DIY learning activities, or those who when you mess it up you’ll still having time to learn how to fix it, support each other and contact professionals or people with proofing knowledge, experience and expertise about the issue in question.

I found this article very inspiring about Web Maintenance that made me think about it.

Do we know about everything? Can we do anything ourselves? Is good to ask for help when we don’t have time or clear knowledge? Should we invest in better results before the disaster happens?

I leave it up to you. You can share your experience and leave a comment.

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