Catherine-Monique Fashion Designer – Where to buy African Fashion with African prints

Catherine-Monique Fashion Designer – Where to buy African Fashion with African prints

Catherine-Monique Fashion Designer – Where to buy African Fashion with African prints

When you look on the Internet for African fashion for sale you wonder yourself, where can I buy it? Is there any African Fashion Show that can I attend? But the main question amongst the youngest generations is: Is African fashion really for me? Is African fashion relevant to the latest trends? Catherine-Monique brand is the answer to all your questions.

Catherine, the designer, though the same when her parents nudged her to dress in African outfits. She did not like the style, design and presentation of the African fashion culture; nothing to do with the African fabrics. When she was 15, Catherine started immersing herself into the fashion industry and learning all the necessary skills to contribute to this important change in the African fashion world. Catherine-Monique brand provides a solution to this by designing high fashion clothing which appeals to a wider market using the African prints.

Eight years ago Catherine began designing her own line and now the next 5th August 2017 is officially launching her brand. “It’s about providing alternative ways to wear African clothing giving it a more youthful and current twist.” she explained during the interview. Here are some of her designs:

Previous African Shows

Catherine’s talent is unquestionable, until the point that allowed her to participate in African Fashion shows and wining fashion awards. These shows below are just a few:

Afro Model Awards

African Fashion Week London The Love World Music and Arts festival, South Africa Catherine’s aims is to provide integration in London; as we live in a multicultural society, having many people from Africa migrating to the United Kingdom. “Many generations of British-African were born here, me being one of them.” “As British-Africans we are always reminded that yes we are British but our roots are from Africa. With this we are taught a lot about African culture and customs,” commented Catherine.

Catherine-Monique ‘the brand’

Catherine-Monique is a high fashion brand that designs for Men, Women and Children covering both ready to wear and bespoke pieces. Catherine-Monique ‘the brand’ is about bringing African culture together with Western culture through high fashion.

Traditional African wear plays a big part of the culture, “all the elaborated prints and dress styles come with a meaning” Catherine explained.

Catherine-Monique doesn’t only deal with African prints but also with a wide variety of authentic prints and materials. This works well as set up trends bringing out newness in the fashion world through innovation.

Catherine-Monique brand will run season to season, producing collections that cover Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. The current colour trends for each season will be followed to keep the clothing line up to the minute.

Fashion Inspiration for 2017

In this season Catherine-Monique’s inspiration was nature, flowers and butterflies.

Catherine-Monique aims to reach the globe, using the internet to reach audiences outside of the UK border.

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