Who am I

Hi, my name is Esther. My background studies are in International Leisure and Events Management and International Marketing. I came from a small island called Bioko in West Africa and the business idea I am presenting is Ëlabba events. I run a company that means more than design, plan and create bespoke events for corporates, West African celebrations and themed events. When it was my birthday as a child I couldn’t even remember how we celebrated them.

I think in my childhood birthdays we only had juice and biscuits… I don’t even recall if we had some music playing in the background. You can figure out that I’m not coming from a rich family right? It is all that I can remember. But why is that? Why do you think that I can’t remember how my birthdays were when I was a child? Maybe because the event didn’t create a memory or a memory good enough for me to remember.

What happens when I don’t remember my birthdays celebration? Means that I didn’t feel special, that there wasn’t anything extraordinary about it. Probably there wasn’t anything that could make me happy or nothing that I really would love to do or really excited me. I cannot remember it, so it means like I wasn’t drawing those beautiful memories of my life.

Growing up

It was later on in life when I started having real fan; going out with my friends, partying the whole week, doing the things that I liked, surrounded by the people I wanted, celebrating myself, my life, my jobs and also celebrating being fired. Now you can imagine the type of person I was and I still am, but in a different level. Those are the moments that I remember.

My vision

My long-term vision is to design and create a free indoor play space for children where they can use all their senses, creativity and imagination along with celebrating themselves and their achievements.

I think it’s important for all of us to laugh, for all of us to celebrate. We should celebrate our birthdays, we should celebrate that we are alive, our achievements and anything meaningful for us. Especially, we should celebrate for the children.

It doesn’t have to be like my old days, but I think in life we need to continue with a mindset of celebration and remembering the moments that made us happy. For instance, when you got that job or promotion that you were always looking for… when you bought your first house, when you turned 18, when you passed your driver license, when you graduated or when you started a business. When you look back in time you will remember those moments with happiness. Why is that?

Our aim and objectives

By celebrating meaningful moments, you are giving them the importance and priority in your life. That is why they stay with you forever and every time you remember them you will be feeling the same emotion of joy and happiness like it was yesterday.

That is my job when you get in touch with Ëlabba events, I am creating lifetime memories for you. Memories that you will never forget. The same memories that I want for the children. Even if you chose to celebrate it in a small way to reward yourself from your hard work.

Building the business idea

During my childhood I always had good grades, when I worked I always worked hard. What I mean by that is that I was doing my work and somebody else’s. I never remembered having a “congratulations, keep going, you’re doing so great”. Probably because my achievements were never celebrated it seemed like they weren’t that important. All my work, effort and dedication, every day doing my homework when I finished school, good behaviour… it felt like it was worthless. So I realised I didn’t have good memories about my work, about having good grades and being recognised for it, this clearly impacted my life.

Later on in life, I came to the conclusion that againg I didn’t have those memories about my achievements because we didn’t celebrate them. Nobody celebrated it for me. I was having good grades all my life until I dropped High School. I dropped out because I couldn’t achieve good grades as I was expecting due to family dynamics, personal problems etc. Then I said to myself “I’m not doing this. I’m not doing anything”. Consequently, my working career started in the entertainment arena. I don’t think it was a good decision, but is what I decided to do. Later on in life I went back to continue my studies exactly where I left them.

The same happens with employees, top achievers and best performers; they need to be rewarded, celebrated, recognised otherwise they leave.

What is Ëlabba Events

Ëlabba started as a result of facing difficulties in obtaining my first postgraduate job. We create and capture everlasting memories transforming dream ideas into a real vision.

Ëlabba is a play, leisure and events organisation which aim is to bring individuals and corporates the dream experience that they are looking for. We provide bespoke corporate entertainment, West African Traditional celebrations, and other special events among our services.

Ëlabba means doing things together such as an event, an act, an affair… It is a community of people doing things together and what we’re doing is celebrating. We are celebrating you, myself, us; we celebrate that you are here, we celebrate that you are important.

The community that I’m building up is not just delivering big or small bespoke events or themed events for individuals and corporates. It is passing the message that celebrating forms memories of a lifetime. That celebrating is important to keep us alive, to keep us remembering good things that we have achieved, to focus in the positive, to focus in the here and now at least for a moment. We all exist and we are all important, especially the children.

This is why I decided to create this company to be able to provide the same quality of service to disadvantaged children for free.

Benefits of Play and Recreation Time

“Play is what children and young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way and for their own reasons” (Department of Culture, Media and Sport, 2004).

  • Central component in ensuring the enjoyment of childhood as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development while given children ownership
  • Increase their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-respect
  • Improve and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Play and recreation not only benefit children, but also families and the wider community, as well as improving health and quality of life.
  • It supports the development of a greater sense of community spirit, promoting social cohesion.

Audio Testimonial below

How we will used the money raised

Initially it will go to celebrate two children achievements up to the age of twelve years old. The candidates will be chosen by the application list of those who submitted it. This could be a birthday or a celebration based on children’s achievements.

Once surpassed the initial mark the purpose is to rent a venue, which will help to provide more celebrations for children, corporates and individuals. Furthermore, increase my marketing budget to deliver the following:

  • effective promotions
  • showcasing events
  • ticketed events
  • campaigns to reach potential clients and generates more leads
  • increase our client base
  • hiring staff

So let’s celebrate; celebrate you, celebrate us. Let’s celebrate together supporting my project. Thank you in advance.

Special thanks to Ruby Lounge (Nightclub and Event Venue Hire) for its support and sponsorship for this cause.