It’s been a while since the last time that I wrote a blog post. Of course it wasn’t because I didn’t do anything but I didn’t have the time to write that much this year.
I need to highlight a couples of events like Black Business Networking Event, which was in February 2019. It is runned every year by Ebony Online, this year was the third edition.

March was a very brave month. I decided to jump on the challenge to go live in 5-days. In this occasion was on YouTube! This is a challenge run by Janine Cummins founder of Boss it Live TV. If you know me a little bit at this point you will have realised that I am scare of public speaking. I always like to be behind the scenes. But I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway so… this is my experience ha,ha ha,ha probably you will have some fun especially with my Spanish accent.

Live Challenge

In May I attended Future of E-commerce by Hiberus Technology from the hand of a very hard worker, Cecil Adjalo. This event was in May with brands such as AliBaba, Supplyant, Klevu, Blueknow, American Express, Setsale, Courthouse Hotel Soho, Cynthia Benitez Media, William’s Grant & Sons etc. We were informed of the latest technologies, the fusion of online and offline stores and how we can get ahead to fulfill customers’ needs.

In September I managed to grow my little community and business with the help of Allia Future Business Centre and I finalised the programme with the well known Allia’s Display Day with the help of Alex Potter and Ashton Galloway. This is the amazing result.

(Allia ‘Grow your Business’ Event)

October was a very busy month.
I really enjoyed the celebration of Black History Month in UK Parliament, Houses of Commons, where we were delighted with the presence of Nina Kristofferson who is amazing and lovely. Jacki Chan, Ambrose Mendi, Professor Chris Imafidon and his speech about the education system, Shaun Bailey from the Conservative party, Alfie J Carreira, Alexandre Ifatola Dosunmu, Osvaldo Gomes, Adam Richards, Sesh Sukhdeo, W Kataka, Alister Soyode, Princess Keisha Omilana who is the first ever black model for Pantene Pro-V. Here is the highlighted video. Individuals speech videos will be uploaded soon for those who want to unleashed, unlock and impact this next 2020.

I also organised some corporate events.
I collaborated with London Arthouse Film Festival to celebrate independent artists in the music and film industry.

(LAHFF highlights)

(corporate entertainment)

I did our annually October Celebration of Achievements party for those who wants to celebrate within a community with style in the London capital.

(Celebration of Achievements)

I am also so proud of organising our first ever Ëlabba Essence event for businesses last November, which is a showcasing event where attendees were welcomed to our world with a champagne reception, nibbles, prizes and African theme to understand more our values, our vision, where we came from and where we are going. Below there is the highlighted video.

Lastly, in December we said goodbye to a fantastic programme Enterprise Steps, tailored to startups and SMEs that came to an end. With Enterprise Steps I started my business Ëlabba Events from nothing. No social media accounts, no online presence, I wasn’t willing to do any videos or put myself in front of any camera. However, I grew a lot from those humble beginnings with help and support from the network that I found during the programme. More growth will come to my way!! It was a networking event where we celebrated our milestones and progress since we joined the Enterprise Steps workshops. I will really miss it.

(Enterprise Steps video)

The overall experience for 2019 is that it was a very Good Year. I’m so proud of the people that I met, the relationships that I built and the ones I have kept, the opportunities that I had despite that I lost my mother this same year in August, which is a sad experience for anyone.
However, that is not going to stop me. I will continue maintaining alive the spirit of celebration, celebrating life and celebrating myself. So please keep celebrating with us at Our celebrations of Achievements Event is on October as always. Check the website and subscribe to our newsletter and events.


With love Esther