yearly deposit

Unlimited support throughout the whole year of your branding, marketing or project. There is a yearly deposit payment of 1,500£ and then twelve monthly payments of £550 each or just pay as you go monthly payments of £600 (PAYG monthly payments you can cancel at anytime).

Step 1 : Understanding your product and/or services and target to project your brand image.

Step 1 : Determining your dream, your vision.

Step 2 : Capturing the essence of your brand and how to display it through our marketing efforts.

Step 3 : Analysing budget and Coordinating suppliers.

Step 4 : Event Branding or Business Marketing design, Interaction and Motion.

Step 5 : Recommending and Coordinating new suppliers selection.

Step 6 : Helping you to arrange for Food, Decor and Entertainment.

Step 7 : Helping you planning with transportation to and from the event.

Step 8 : Helping you to arrange any necessary accommodation for attendees.

Step 9 : Guiding you to coordinate the activities of event personnel.

Step 10 : Guiding you with the timeline and schedule

Step 11 : Guide you to coordinating the activities of event personnel.

Step 12 : Supervising the project discreetly.

Step 13 : Conducting evaluations of the branding and marketing (whereas is applicable).

Step 14 : Telephone and Email Support.

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This service doest not include any onsite co-ordination.

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