Prime Minister Theresa


On the 8th of June, there will be general elections in the UK. The result of this election could shape Britain’s future relations with its neighbours for years to come. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, requested this election after a result of 522 against 13 votes. This could support a strong Brexit from the EU. If the Conservative Party wins, this will allow them to make decisions by themselves, having more support from parliament and more freedom to negotiate the exit from the EU.

Many critics of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union hope that this could give them an option to have their opinion taken into account, and obstruct the Brexit process. Others believe that this could strengthen Theresa May and the Conservative Party’s power – that it is only a strategy to ensure no one interferes with how they want to handle the Brexit negations.

If the Conservative Party wins with a majority of votes, the Prime Minister Theresa May will not be required to call another general election until 2022. This will give them five more years in power.

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College London, Anand Menon, said: “It gives them more freedom to manoeuvre. It means May can ignore anyone because she has a loyal party behind her.” He added, “That gives her momentum, though I don’t necessarily think the momentum is towards the soft side of Brexit.” He references the type of withdrawal that would maintain closer economic relationships with the European Union.

Do not forget to have your say on 8th of June at the general elections.