Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire and in the process be happy and surrounded by nice people who enjoy giving back?
This is very simple to achieve when you attend one of these meets up with the sweetest Veena V. She is a You Tube coach, entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter, mum, founder of Mum to Millionaire meets up and Real Mauritius and two times award winner. First, by Channel Four as a radio presenter and second by Jacqueline Gold’s WOW winner business of the year 2017. Jacqueline Gold is Chief Executive of Ann Summers. Amazing right?


Veena V Coaching mobile and video marketing for Enterprise Steps


Meets Up

Mum to Millionaire reflects Veena’s journey to show females how to bounce back after being a mum, giving them honest advise and real tips to overcome the obstacles of being entrepreneurs. This meet up also has another version available on podcast where you can download, subscribe or simply listen to them through iTunes on your iPhone or stitcher from Android devices. The business model also brings women in general the opportunity to network and connect in a non-judged-zone full of positivity, encouragement, business opportunities and ways to help them overcome their fears as entrepreneurs, MUMS or any other aspect of their personal lives.

I recommend these meets up to everyone; starts up, freelancers, medium, large and small enterprises, stablished businesses looking to expand and trying to connect with new trends and vibes or even if you aren’t running any business. You will definitely have fun, learn something new and socialise whilst meeting genuine people.

Mum to Millionaire Highlights

Below is a highlight of Veena V’s latest event, which soon will be available for you every single month of the year to enjoy it and take advantage of it.



If you are interested in Veena’s next Mum to Millionaire event on 27th September 2018, click HERE.


In the link below you can get more insides of the past and last Mum to Millionaire event of the year and how much fun we have in these meet ups. It was a LIVE moment!!! After you listen to it you will know my personal struggles behind a business and noticing how slowly I am overcoming them.

Listen to the Podcast HERE

More Mum to Millionaire in 2019. We cannot wait.