On Monday 3rd of October 2016 MAMAH AFRICA WEEK will be held in Madrid, Spain. The theme will be Equatorial Guinea.

Artists Exhibition

The event will showcase talented artists such as Lydia MBA, exhibiting her latest illustrations, fashion designs by Maica de la CARRERA presenting her Autumn/Winter collection 2016/2017 which was inspired by Equatorial Guinea’s culture and singer Astrid JONES.

Filming Exhibition

The event will display a documentary about Equatorial Guinea’s nature by Antonio GRUNFELD named “el secreto del bosque” (which means Forest’s Secret), 90 minutes film named “Feguibox” by Miguel MONSUY and Gabriel AMDUR.

Academics Seminars

Professor Justo BOLEKIA BOLEKÁ will immerse us in the fascinating culture and traditions of the Bubi population with his book stories.

We’ll keep you updated on this event. If you’re available, don’t forget to attend and enrich your knowledge! The event ends Saturday 8th of October and it is completely free.

This is one of Lydia MBA’s art pieces ‘E Mina Mayen’ in Spanish (‘La Mujer Que Veo’); which means ‘The Woman I see’.




In the video below you can see more of this beautiful art collection who was completely sold out.


More of Lydia MBA you can find it HERE