The band Banda Azukar, formed by Sandro, Lucca and Leo, received an award from CIEE on the 24th March for their contribution to the music industry.


The Centre for Company-School Integration (CIEE) is a philanthropic institution, maintained by the national entrepreneurship of social assistance, without profit purposes. It works for the benefit of the Brazilian student youth.



The main objective of the CIEE, which has been in existence for more than 50 years, is to find technical and superior opportunities for internships or apprenticeships for students of intermediate level. This will help put into practice everything they have learned in theory.


The band Banda Azukar was comprised of former members of the bands Salsabumba and Expresso Caribe in May 2006. They cover Latin music, innovating and modernizing the rhythm. They have created songs like ‘Como baila la morena’, ‘Hoy sin ti’, ‘Ritmo y Clave’, ‘No necesitas llorar’ and ‘latinos’. Banda Azucar is proud that such a historical institution recognised their effort, dedication, soul, and enthusiasm.



The band has a unique and innovative rhythm, using Latin American vibes such as the salsa, merengue, mambo, batchata, samba, sertanejo and more.

Their rhythms fuse different Latin American styles from Brazilian roots. Banda Azukar’s music keeps you up on your feet and moving in every one of their concerts. Whenever they perform they deliver with passion, heart, wit, sparkle, ‘salero’ and love.


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