19-year-old British singer Caroline Leiroz started singing at a very young age. She participated in UK competitions at the age of 11, ending up in second place. In 2009 this rising star also performed at Brazilian Day in London. Caroline Leiroz has collaborated with famous Brazilian Idol semi-finalist Higor Rocha, with a song called ‘Love You More’ – both toured in Brazil.



Caroline Leiroz started writing songs at the age of 10. When she was 12-years-old she recorded her first masterpieces. Travelling between Brazil and the UK, this talented artist does not stop there. Not content with just singing, Caroline also plays the guitar.


Instagram: @carolineleiroz
Twitter: @carolineleiroz


Leiroz’s determination and ambition pushed her to continue broadening her career with acting. She wants to become a 360-degree artist with more to offer than just a beautiful face. Once you listen to her new song, you won’t have any doubt about that.

Descending from a Brazilian family, Leiroz has demonstrated she was born to be a star with her previous songs: ‘Flying Home’ (2012), ‘Poison Eyes’ (2013) and ‘Dreaming of Your ;ove’ (2017).

Here we introduce you to her latest song ‘Distance’, released on the 8th of March. Listen to it and judge for yourself. Fayika TV has the opportunity to bring you talent, and we couldn’t miss Caroline Leiroz.

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We will continue informing you about Caroline Leiroz’s success history.


  1. A cantora Caroline Leiroz tem o perfil de pop star internacional,tem muito talento musical,além de um belo rosto.
    Já é destaque nas paradas de sussesso do Reino Unido e brevemente será reconhecida no mundo artististico dos palcos internacionais.
    Desejo a vc”Caroline Leiroz,todo sussesso do mundo.

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