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I was a seventeen-year-old who previously stopped studying at the age of sixteen (please do not do that - huge mistake!) One day, I received a job offer to work in a club as a waitress….It was an after-hours club. At that moment, my unconscious hidden passion for events and celebrations started. I was a part of it. People came to the club to celebrate special and meaningful moments with friends, family, partners and workmates. I contributed to that: making their experience worth paying for with attention, conversation, and lifted spirits when they felt down. During that time in my life, I forgot about the outside world. I was just being: in that time, in that place, in that moment, enjoying myself.I realised then that we all need special occasions and moments to celebrate whatever is meaningful to us. From a birthday, promotion, or engagement to a business acquisition, anniversary, graduation, divorce, retirement or religious festival. These occasions give us memories of a lifetime. They have to be perfect, unforgettable experiences. I simply loved and enjoyed that atmosphere, it made me happy. Because of that, I decided to study International Leisure and Events Management. I finally knew what I wanted to be. Contact me through my form below to know more about my journey!

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